Top Exterior Features of The Jaguar E-Pace Revealed

The Jaguar E-Pace brings a blend of luxury of power that makes it a popular compact SUV. One of the most notable aspects of the E-Pace is its innovative exterior features. Here are two highlights found on this year's E-Pace.

The E-Pace exterior is known for its sleek design that is highlighted by its swooped back roofline and steep rear window. This unique shape allows the E-Pace to cut through the air and offer improved performance. In addition to better performance, the E-Pace also offers a competitive fuel economy rating thanks to its unique exterior shape. To allow better grip on the road, the E-Pace offers large 21-inch performance wheels. These wheels are available with the Adaptive Dynamics package.

Jaguar Fox Valley is now offering exclusive test drives on the Jaguar E-Pace. Take this opportunity to see Jaguar's popular selling luxury performance SUV. Don't wait. The E-Pace will be moving quickly.


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