Get a Winter Tire Upgrade For Your Vehicle

During the winter, many drivers are very concerned about their safety. However, some motorists don't take strategic steps to totally maximize safety on icy roads. A tire upgrade is a practical starting point for an average driver. If you equip winter tires on your automobile, you'll experience better handling whenever you speed up or slow down on roads that are covered with ice. We want you to be safe in your vehicle when winter weather strikes. If you've never shopped for winter tires, this guide can help.

You can buy studded winter tires and regular winter tires for your car. If you pick studded tires, they will provide traction on snowy roads by embedding metal spikes in the ice. The studs are strong, so they can pierce a pavement, which is why there are laws for studded tires in some cities. Studless winter tires are more convenient. When the temperature drops, the housing on these tires stay flexible. The flexible housing helps the tires generate consistent traction on snowy and icy surfaces.

Jaguar Fox Valley offers regular and seasonal tire services. If you want to equip a set of winter tires, our technician can upgrade your vehicle in a timely manner.


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