At some point, parts in a car or truck require replacement service. Drivers think of "parts" often in terms of radiators, brakes, and tires. They sometimes forget about belts and hoses, but those parts wear out, too. Eventually, the dry and crack from age and use. Getting these parts replaced timely can keep drivers safe and help preserve a car.

Coolant hoses can spring leaks when holes appear in them. When this happens, leaks occur, and the engine overheats. That steam rising out from under the hood can be alarming. Replacing worn coolant hoses gets the worn ones out and newer, more reliable ones connected.

Belts make sure several parts in the engine work. If the drive belts snap, don't expect the car to move. When the timing belt snaps, the engine could even end up totaled.

Drivers in the Appleton region can ask our service department for assistance with maintenance. The crew at Jaguar Fox Valley works hard to help owners keep their cars in good shape.


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