New cars cost a lot of money, with many costing more than $35,000, and many young drivers not only can’t afford a new vehicle but don’t want a new vehicle. At Jaguar Fox Valley, we want to you to be not only an informed driver but also a happy driver. More and more drivers today are choosing to buy used vehicles. Here are some excellent reasons.

• Save Money – This is the most obvious reason to buy a used vehicle. Between the actual cost of the vehicle, the tax, interest payments, registration and insurance costs, you can thousands of dollars by buying a used vehicle.
• Reliability – Vehicles are made much better today than in the past, and many still have several good years left.
• Huge selection – In addition to regular used vehicles, many leased vehicles are offered as certified pre-owned vehicles, which are late model vehicles with a warranty.

With so many excellent used vehicles on the market today, why not take a few out for a test drive and see who they fit? We have a huge selection of great-looking used cars in our Appleton dealership.



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