Finding a stylish all-electric vehicle is quite an undertaking. Most all-electric vehicles are shaped like eggs to improve their aerodynamic efficiency. However, Jaguar is trying to break the mold with its new I-Pace crossover. The I-Pace combines concept car looks with electric car aerodynamic efficiency.

When you drive the I-Pace around Appleton you will notice how many people stop and stare at you as you drive past them. The I-Pace has a modern flowing design that you would expect to find on a luxury performance vehicle, not an EV. Jaguar can escape the binds of the egg shape design with clever aerodynamic tricks that allow air to flow through the I-Pace. One trick they use is a hood scoop that passes air through and over the front end instead of around it.

The best way to see the I-Pace is in person. It is an absolutely stunning EV and it handles wonderfully. Stop by Jaguar Fox Valley and we can get you set up on a test drive around town.



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