Can You Drive on Winter Tires Year-Round?

There are some great ways to cut costs when maintaining your vehicle, but delaying changing out your winter tires or simply not doing it at all isn't one of them. Driving on winter tires in the summer can actually cost you money.

Your winter tires have a special chemical makeup that keeps them flexible in subzero temperatures. When you drive on hot summer pavement with them, they lose rubber far more quickly than a tire with a stiffer hot weather composition. This makes them wear faster, meaning you'll have to pay to replace them more often than if you just drove on a summer tire.

Some states will also penalize you with a fine if they catch you using a studded winter tire in the summer, as the metal studs are far more damaging to asphalt than rubber alone. If everyone drove on studs, roads would need to be replaced more often, so they make laws dissuading their use in the summer months.



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