Battery Maintenance Guide for a Vehicle

A car battery provides power to a variety of systems, so it can drain over time. To avoid battery problems, you must test its power levels at least twice a year with a multimeter.

When a multimeter is connected to a battery, it provides a reading, and this data can help you determine whether or not the cells are nearly drained. An ideal voltage level is 12.6 volts as this means that a battery is completely charged. If a reading is less than 12.6 volts, it may be time to recharge your battery. To ensure accurate results, run tests while the engine is off. If the engine is running during a tests, the voltage results will be different. Because an engine pulls power from a battery, it will interfere with the reading.

Battery maintenance can help you avoid sudden engine problems that can impact your daily routines. If you're unable to test your battery, the staff at Jaguar Fox Valley can tackle the job. We service batteries for drivers who own cars, trucks, and SUVs in Appleton.



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