Learn About the Technology in the New Jaguar I-Pace

Would you find it fun to get into a new vehicle that not many have driven yet? Would you like to drive a new vehicle that is set up with modern technology features? The Jaguar I-Pace is a new all-electric vehicle that is set up with special technology.

Jaguar makes it easy for you to keep your gaze right on the road, where it should be, when you are driving. The I-Pace features a head-up display that helps you watch the road and all that is happening in front of you while also knowing how fast you are driving.

You want to know how much your vehicle has charged when it has been plugged in for a while. You want to stay connected to that vehicle. You can get information about your Jaguar I-Pace through your phone. The Remote app for this vehicle makes it easy for you to have the information that you need.



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