How to Remove Pet Fur from Your Car Interior

Many people are fond of pets. There are times the love for pets exceeds that of fellow humans. It is for several reasons you will find people preferring pets. If you have ever owned a pet, you know the loyalty these animals have to humans.

Pets have been accepted as part of families and are involved during families’ events such as during trips. Although pets are a great friend to humans, they have one downside; they shed their fur frequently. Therefore, if you often travel with your pet, there is a likelihood of it shedding its coating on your car upholstery. Cleaning this fur can be a challenge, and that’s why our team at Jaguar Fox Valley helps you with tips to get rid of pet fur.

Cleaning Tips

1. Use of fabric softeners. They are made with ingredients that loosen fur, making it easy to remove through vacuum pressure.
2. Use of rubber material. When rubber is vigorously rubbed over the car upholstery, it produces static current attracts pet hair.


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