Introducing the All New I-PACE Electric Vehicle

Innovation abounds in the Jaguar I-PACE. This new all-electric vehicle has pulled out of all the stops to deliver a car that is worthy of the Jaguar name. The I-PACE enthusiasts at Jaguar Fox Valley are eager to introduce you to the expert styling, impressive innovation, and high-performance capabilities of this exciting vehicle.

Jaguar respects you need to stay connected and in control. The I PACE electronic system is compatible with most Apple and Android smartphones, enabling you to stay updated and informed. Key information such as available range, charge rate, and charging status is accessible through this unique connectivity.

The optional Heads-Up Display feature encourages you to keep your eyes safely on the road in front of you. This system projects pertinent data such as current speed and navigational services directly onto the windshield in your line of sight. The full-color graphics project in high resolution for easy readability.



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