A Drop In Pressure

When some lights come on inside your car, you might not know why. One of these is the tire pressure light. It looks like an exclamation mark, which can sometimes be frightening in itself. However, the reasons this light comes on are usually simple to fix.

The most common reason is that your tire pressure is low by a few pounds. If you've noticed drastic changes in the temperature outside, then you can usually guarantee that the tire pressure light will come on, especially when it's colder. Drops in temperature can deplete the air pressure, causing the light to come on in your vehicle until the temperature gets warmer in Appleton.

Another common reason this light would come on is that there's something in your tire causing it to lose air. Jaguar Fox Valley can check your tires to determine if anything is present, such as a nail or a screw that you could have run over on the road.



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