Common Signs of an Exhaust Leak

Your car has several mechanical parts, and they each have a unique purpose. Your car's exhaust system keeps poisonous gases away from you and your passengers. The exhaust pipes push toxic fumes out of the engine. If the exhaust system is not working properly, an odorless gas can seriously impair everyone in the vehicle. Fortunately, there are common snags that can indicate an exhaust leak.

Pay attention to strange sounds and vibration when you are driving your vehicle. A loud sound can be caused by an obstruction in the tail pipe. A vibrating steering wheel can be caused by condensation in the muffler and pipes.

These are the major signs of an exhaust leak. If your vehicle has any of these problems, bring your vehicle to our Jaguar Fox Valley service center in Appleton. We will inspect your vehicle, and we will let you know about any mechanical problems.

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