Unrepaired Tire Sidewall Damage is Hazardous

The tires on your car have important jobs to do in the traction and vehicle support department. While the tire treads and lugs take care of the traction part of the equation, the tire sidewalls take care of vehicle support.

Though relatively thin, tire sidewalls are tough and durable. They convert high inner air-pressures into solid and consistent support for the weight of your car.

Tire sidewalls are relatively exposed. Because of this, they are prone to impacts with curbs and road debris. Over time, these small traumas can turn into sidewall bulges, bubbles, and ruptures.

If left to themselves, these sidewall imperfections can lead to catastrophic tire failures. That said, you can avoid serious tire issues by replacing your wheels when you notice sidewall issues.

At our facility in the Appleton area, our certified suspension system technicians can help you to identify, repair, and replace problem tires. To hear more about our services, swing by Jaguar Fox Valley today for a no-obligation conversation.

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